niedziela, 04 października 2009

I'm relaxing after doing my homework. I'm watching internet serial: "Pure Pwnage". It's about a life of pro gamer. This serial is really funny. When I'll finish last episode of first series I'll play Counter-Strike 1.6. The best in this game is that you don't play with CPU. You play with real people via internet. It's so motivating when you pwn yor friends :>

18:51, tomeksblog
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I found in the internet really interesting website about games. It's called "Gamecorner". The crew of this website writes great reviews of games. They say that Fifa 10 is the best footbal game ever, almost. Fifa 10 is good game only on Xbox 360 or PS3, because there is next-gen graphics. On the PC Fifa looks like crap. See ya!

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First entrie!

Hello! It's my first entrie on this blog! I had to tidy my room today. It was really hard to do it. But now I'm going to the cinema with my friends: Kuba, Mateusz and Konrad. Gotta go now! See ya!

18:47, tomeksblog
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